Educating the public on healthier methods of consuming cannabis.


Education via Engagement.


Pop Up Events

We help facilitate cannabis education events for both public and private occasions. Those attending will experience live butter infusions, solvent free extractions and vaporizer demonstrations. This is the most engaging way to learn about cannabis, from novice to expert. Read More →


Educational Material

We create original flyers, videos and blog posts. By using trusted relationships from academic professionals, the ACCA has the ability to deliver the most up to date information right to your fingertips. A great way to brush up on your cannabis facts.     Read More →



Knowing accurate cannabis information is important. By becoming certified with the ACCA, you can confidently spot contaminated cannabis, consume in harm reductive ways and educate others.

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We excel at communicating with government officials and businesses. By building relationships with members of every level of government, we're able to make real change. From speaking on your behalf to a city councilor, to setting up meetings with a member of parliament, the ACCA covers it.  

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Download our flyer today.

Click the link below to download our basic cannabis education flyer. This is a great introduction for cannabis facts and consumption tips.


Dedicated to change.

Founders and content creators alike constantly push the limits for positive change.

ACCA has worked since 2016 to create a strong voice for the cannabis community. We're proud of our accomplishments and are always working to do more. Your voice makes the difference. Click the link below to learn more about our most recent campaigns.