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1 on 1 CBD Webinar  Consultation


Figuring out this whole CBD thing can be, pretty... well, confusing! Thankfully, Treasure Zimmerman has done the hard work for you, by assisting in the  launch of a successful CBD oil company known as Imbue Botanicals LLC. As one of the pioneer activists for your CBD rights, Zimmerman has had the privilege of creating training modules, e-books and more to educate consumers. In her research, she was able to discover the key differences between the brands on the market and the many variables involved in creating effective oil. Anything from how the hemp was grown, where it was grown, the processing method involved, to the dosage being used all tremendously effect outcome.

Zimmerman puts knowledge first when it comes to medicine, and your health. Empowering you is her main goal through your CBD journey by providing a complete understanding and information that has been often overlooked and ignored by corporations

In your time with your CBD consultation Zimmerman will cover everything from chemical compound to knowing where your CBD is from. She notes that some products may be labeled as manufactured in one country while containing oil from another. Here are some of the things you'll learn during your time with Zimmerman:

  • The difference between CBD isolates, CBD full-spectrums, and the endocannabinoid system in your body.
  • How CBD operates in conjunction with your body and body deficiencies
  • Overall benefits of CBD and how it is used today
  • Extraction methods and education
  • Differences between soil types and benefits/risk of each
  • What to look for when purchasing a CBD product
  • International brand understanding, awareness and education
  • Question and answer period during every session

It's time to empower consumers with knowledge that can never be taken away from you. A half hour one-on-one webinar consultation starts at just $39.

CBD expert  and webinar host Treasure Zimmerman.

CBD expert and webinar host Treasure Zimmerman.