healthy consumption

Safer cannabis consumption will save your health and money


One of the easiest ways to save yourself stress, money, and cannabis is to consume without smoking. Research has consistently shown that alternative methods of consuming reduces the amount of chemicals your consuming. In fact, there are 111 noticeable compounds in combusted cannabis smoke, in contrast to the roughly 3 that appear while using a vaporizer.

"It is a myth that marijuana smoke is less harmful to inhale than tobacco smoke. Marijuana smoke contains many of the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke. Marijuana use through other, non-smoked forms can reduce the harm from chronic use." - David Hammond, PhD

While looking into vaporizers it's important to determine what temperature works best for you. During our Consumption Program, we explain exactly which temperatures activate which compounds within the cannabis, and the benefits of each.

The Consumption Program also looks into different effects and options consumers have when looking at edibles. Explaining the benefits and difference of consuming oils, butters and tinctures. Understanding the lasting effects edibles have on your body and in your blood stream is also important information for consumers and employers alike. 

The program finishes by learning specific chemical compound effects within cannabis. This information will help you understand cannabis in a way most never thought possible.

Apply for the Consumption Program today to learn the following:

  • Risks of smoking
  • Different types of consumption
  • Different types of vaporizers
  • Cost saving analysis
  • Consuming edibles
  • Consuming extracts
  • Over consuming
  • Chemical compounds of cannabis
  • Medical consumption



Arizer Extreme Q stationary vaporizery.